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Eden Welcome Back An Old Friend! - July 2017

Eden Furniture has recently welcomed back an 'old friend' - the Dangari Armchair, together with a few of its chums; the Cormoran Lounger, Tangor Relaxer, Estanza Relaxer and the Dalanki Table.

Having undergone numerous changed in the past 15 - 20 years the range is now finally back in production having been discontinued in 2015 just prior to factory closing. The moulds have returned to their spiritual home in the south of France and production is up and running.

The Dangari Range was seen as an iconic collection and the Dangari Armchair itself was designed in 1978 by Pierre Paulin for Allibert.

Such was the reputation of the Dangari Range that in the 1980's the range was photographed for the Allibert brochure by Patrick Anson, better known as the celebrated photographer Patrick Litchfield. When the brochures were released by Allibert they were quickly snapped up by fans of Lord Litchfield's work and they remain collectors items to this day.

The range of Dangari products that is now being manufactured is: -

  1. Dangari Armchair
  2. Tangor Relaxer
  3. Estanza Relaxer
  4. Cormoran Lounger
  5. Dalanki Low Table

Although the range can now longer be badged 'Allibert' or the more recent 'Evolutif' the moulds and raw materials are identical to that previously used and some members of the management team from Evolutif are involved in the new production.

Dangari Furniture Range

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