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Eden Commercial Furniture - Special Offers
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    New Ranges
Eden Commercial Furniture - Special Offers
  • Eden Commercial Furniture - Slide One

    New Ranges

Eden Furniture - New Products

As a company, Eden Furniture is always looking for new and exciting styles and designs to offer its customers. We have now partnered with a factory producing high quality outdoor furniture at exceptionally competitive prices.

Most of the collection is manufactured from polypropylene. The products are 100% recyclable and consume the least energy in both the production and recycling stages, making the ranges some of the most environmentally friendly products in the world.

The tables, chairs and stools are all made using a gas injection system. This is a special technology that adds strength and durability to the furniture. With the addition of glass fibre, UV and Antioxidant additives, the durability of the product and its resistance to sunlight are increased. Polypropylene also provides very good impact resistance which is why it is used in many sectors.

All of the products are produced in accordance with TSE, CATAS, ISO approved and quality standards.

And it isn't just the products that are helping the environment - the plastic pallets used in the transportation of the furniture are made in house using 100% recycled raw material and the cardboard boxes are produced with 75% recycled paper.

Included are the following ranges: -

Below we have a selection of the new products. Click on the thumbnails for slideshow.

Alder Balcony Set
Alder Lounge Set Scene
Alder Lounge Set
Ash Armchair Scene 1
Ash Armchair Scene 2
Ash Armchair
Birch Balcony Set
Birch Lounge Set Scene
Birch Three Seat Lounge Set
Birch Two Seat Lounge Set
Bluebell Armchair
Bluebell Bar Stool With Arms
Bluebell Bar Stool
Bluebell Chair
Cedar Chairs
Chestnut Armchair Scene
Chestnut Armchairs
Chestnut Chairs
Crocus Armchair
Crocus Bar Stool With Arms
Crocus Bar Stool
Crocus Chair
Poppy Scene 1
Poppy Scene 2
Poppy Scene 3
Primrose Armchair
Primrose Bar Stool Scene
Spruce Armchair Scene
Spruce Armchairs
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